Opportunities for Committee Service
TAGT is your association! By volunteering to serve on a TAGT Committee, you have the opportunity to contribute to the G/T community, develop leadership skills and more fully benefit from your TAGT membership. There are two categories of committees, Governance and Organizational; both are intended to help the Board do its job. In addition to specific tasks and responsibilities, committees ordinarily will assist the Board by preparing policy alternatives and implications for Board deliberation.

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Each year TAGT members are invited to volunteer to fill open places on standing committees. Current TAGT membership is required for committee service. The Leadership Development Committee, with the assistance of the incoming chair and current Board liaison, appoints committee members.

Committee members represent the twenty geographic regions served by the Education Service Centers established by the Texas Education Agency. All committee members except those on the Leadership Development Committee will serve two-year terms and may choose to serve a second two-year term. The Leadership Development Committee Members will serve one-year terms and may choose to serve a second one-year term. Committee members from even-numbered regions shall be appointed during even-numbered years; those from odd-numbered regions shall be appointed during odd-numbered years. Committee members will not serve on the same committee for more than two terms. Committee members will be appointed with consideration of experience and background, with additional consideration toward increasing diversity according to population density and ethnicity.

Open positions on committees are slated by late October and notifications of placement are sent shortly thereafter. Committee service is aligned with the calendar year.  Since many Committees meet during the TAGT Annual Conference in late fall, attendance is strongly encouraged for all volunteers. In many cases the first formal gathering of new committees occurs at this time. Committees will meet at least twice a year (virtual and in person, when possible). Service on a TAGT committee is on a volunteer basis. Therefore in most cases, TAGT does not cover personal expenses related to meetings. TAGT does pay for the logistical cost of meetings, including room rental fees and online meeting service subscriptions.

If you have questions about TAGT Committee service, contact Lisa Varner at lvarner@txgifted.org or 512.499.8248 x203.

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