Advocacy Committee

Crystal Wilson
Fort Bend ISD
Sugar Land, TX

Committee Members
Dana Brown, Twila Hardaway, Tommie Lynn Holden, Javetta Jones-Roberson, Lezley Lewis, Stacie Smith, Tamera Tamez, Mary Christopher, Ph.D., JJ Colburn and Tracy Weinberg

Structure and Responsibilities
TAGT Policy and Procedures call for Governance and Organizational Committees with the purpose of helping the Board do its job. Committees generally meet twice a year and are charged with providing a semi-annual report of their activities to the President of the Board. The Advocacy Committee is designated as an Organizational Committee.

Advocacy Committee Responsibilities
Committee responsibilities are:

  1. Monitor public policy issues which have relevance to the Association.
  2. Advise the Board in development of public policy positions.
  3. Ensure that Ends Policies address public policy issues.
  4. Advise the Board on advocacy of public policy positions.

Advocacy Committee Structure
According to the Policies and Procedures the structure of this committee is:

  1. The Leadership Development Committee will appoint a vice chair of each Organizational Committee to a two-year leadership term that will include one year in the vice chair role, immediately followed by one year in the role of chair.
  2. Each Organizational Committee will have an assigned Board liaison. The Board liaison is a non-voting member of the committee whose duties include advising and assisting the committee in achieving its charge.
  3. The Leadership Development Committee shall appoint the committee members. Committee members may not be members of the Board.
  4. Each committee shall have a minimum of four members and a maximum of 12 members.
  5. Each committee will elect a secretary at the first meeting.