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Webinar: Action Research Made Easier
The Research Division held its first webinar, Action Research Made Easier, on March 26. Christina Dearman, Ph.D., facilitated the webinar and explained why action research is important to the field of gifted education. Practical research informs gifted programming decisions and important everyday choices teachers make in the classroom. Action Research helps to answer the very questions you want to ask. A step-by-step process of conducting and reporting action research was provided and teacher-friendly templates to help solve and act upon research questions were shared.

News from the TAGT Leadership Conference
The Research Division hosted a well-attended breakout session, Diving Deeper: Underrepresented Populations. Christina Dearman, Ph.D., Fatuma Ereng, Joyce Miller, Ph.D., and Kathryn Schaeffer, Ed.D. each highlighted a recent research article focusing on students from underrepresented populations.

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This division supports gifted and talented research as a means for advancing identification and services for gifted children, guiding parents of gifted learners, and training teachers of gifted students. It is the commitment of this division to encourage, evaluate and disseminate current research in the field of gifted education.

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