Global #gtchat Powered by TAGT is a weekly chat on Twitter that takes place on Fridays at 7PM ET/6PM CT & 4 PM PT in the U.S. Find your time zone here. On the third Sunday of each month, #gtchat moves to 4 PM ET /3 PM CT and 1 PM PT in the U.S. (find your time zone here) to accommodate the schedules of those who are unable to attend on Fridays. For one hour, parents, educators, advocates and experts in the field of gifted and talented gather to share resources, links, authentic life experiences and insights about gifted issues.


TAGT is thrilled to announce giftedandtalented.com as a sponsor of #gtchat. GiftedandTalented.com was created by a passionate team of educators,
innovators and researchers who are driven to bring advanced learning tools to the world. GiftedandTalented.com recognizes that the current structure of traditional education provides only a small section of students with access to the advanced learning programs that enrich intellectual curiosity and spark innovation.

Founded in 2010 by Deborah Mersino, this successful Twitter chat is now moderated by Lisa Conrad who may be followed on Twitter @gtchatmod. The #gtchat community includes archived transcripts at Storify, a Facebook page and #gtchat blog where weekly posts summarize each chat and include all the links provided during the chat. The conversation does not end with the last tweet of a chat. More than 1,200 tweets are devoted to the #gtchat hashtag each week. Just search “#gtchat” on Twitter to see what’s happening in the gifted and talented community.

A wide-range of topics are discussed each week. Past topics have included: twice-exceptional gifted children, perfectionism, multicultural gifted education, executive functioning, parenting gifted children, differentiation, acceleration, how to write an individual education plan for a gifted student and much more.

At #gtchat, we also are proud of the many guest experts in the field of gifted education who have joined us to discuss their area of expertise. Past guests have included Dr. Lynette Breedlove (Executive Director of Gatton Academy), Dr. Lynne Kenney (The Family Coach), Dr. Joy Lawson Davis (Bright, Black and Gifted), Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman (Ungifted), Calista Frederick-Jaskiewicz (Davidson Young Scholars), Lisa Van Gemert (American Mensa), Ian Byrd (Byrdseed Gifted) and many more.

Twitter Tips

  • Be considerate of others during the chat. You are free to disagree, but be respectful and demonstrate politeness and courtesy for differing opinions.
  • If you have research-based resources and/or book suggestions, please share them (as we can all benefit). Although most people won’t view them during the actual chat (simply goes by too quick), everyone appreciates reviewing the links in detail afterwards. Transcripts with live links following each #gtchat.
  • It may take a while to get accustomed to following the stream of #gtchat tweets. Be patient with yourself and others. It can be fast-paced at times. Eventually, you’ll get the hang of it!
  • Feel free to ask questions and/or share real-world experiences.
  • If you want to direct a reply to someone, simply start off your tweet with that person’s @username
  • Simultaneously, it’s a good idea to search for your own @username a few times throughout the chat to ensure you catch any responses directed to you. It’s easy to do this if you save a search for your own @username.
  • If you agree with what someone posts, feel free to “Retweet” (RT) it.
  • Be sure your Twitter profile settings are on public not private; otherwise, you won’t show up in the chat feed.