Legacy Book Awards

The Legacy Book® Awards, a service from the Texas Association for the Gifted & Talented (TAGT), honor outstanding books published in the United States that have long-term potential for positively influencing the lives of gifted individuals and contribute to the understanding, well-being, education and success of gifted and talented students.

Legacy Books® are recognized in categories by target audience:

  • Curricular Materials
    Provides educators with supporting materials to use in the classroom. Resources include workbooks, lesson plans, manuals and classroom activities.
    2014 Selection: Exploring America in the 1950s by Molly Sandling & Kimberley L. Chandler, Ph.D.; published by Prufrock Press
  • Educator
    Enhances an educator’s awareness and ability to work with G/T students by application of sound theory, practical strategies and/or proven methodology.
    2014 Selection: Differentiation for Gifted Learners: Going Beyond the Basics by Diane Heacox, Ed.D., & Richard M. Cash, Ed.D.; published by Free Spirit Publishing
  • Parent
    Increases the understanding of the unique needs of G/T children and help ensure they are met, both at home and in the classroom.
    2014 Selection: Make Your Worrier a Warrior by Dan Peters, Ph.D.; published by Great Potential Press
  • Scholar
    Guides graduate students or advanced educators to understand and expand upon the latest research on giftedness and G/T education.
    2014 Selection: Beyond Gifted Education: Designing and Implementing Advanced Academic Programs by Scott J. Peters, Ph.D., Michael Matthews, Ph.D., Matthew T. McBee, Ph.D., D. Betsy McCoach, Ph.D.; published by Prufrock Press

Awardees are selected on the following basis:

  • Highest overall ranking across the criteria for its category.

The timeline, procedures and management of the Legacy Book® Awards may be adjusted at any time by TAGT. No changes made by TAGT during a competition year may unduly advantage or disadvantage any books that have already been nominated. The TAGT Board shall determine whether any proposed change is allowable and their decision will be final.

Note: In order to ensure that finalists reflect the best selection of publications, TAGT may opt not to give awards for a category in which there are insufficient nominees. Nomination fees will be reimbursed to any publisher nominating books in a category not deemed sufficiently competitive.

Criteria Considered in Selecting a Legacy Book®:

  • Has long-term potential for positively influencing the lives of gifted children/youth.
  • Parent Books: Has potential for improving family lives of gifted children/youth.
  • Educator Books: Has potential for improving educator understanding of students with gifts and talents and/or improving educational practices on their behalf. (“Educator” is conceived broadly, including teachers, administrators, school counselors and others employed in the education system.)
  • Scholar Books: Is likely to increase theoretical understanding and/or promising practices addressing giftedness, gifted children, creative productivity and/or gifted education.
  • Curriculum Books: Supports educators in their goal to help gifted students meet their creative, intellectual and social potential.