Parent Support Group Information

A group of connected parents using their experience in guiding gifted children can accomplish much more than parents working alone. Whether united in advocacy or simply for mutual support, establishing a TAGT Parent Support Group (PSG) strengthens the benefits gifted education can have in homes, classrooms, school districts and even at the post-secondary level.

Parent Group Membership Form

Parent Group Membership Benefits

  • Each Parent Support Group (PSG) receives a ‘PSG Representative’ membership to be assigned to the key contact for the group. Benefits include*:
    • A digital and mailed copy of the Tempo Journal, the quarterly peer-reviewed journal on G/T education
    • A subscription to the Pulse E-Newsletter, an online publication of association news and information on conferences, legislative activities, and upcoming events
    • Eligibility to sponsor students, parents and educators for scholarships, grants, and awards
    • Discounts on professional learning opportunities provided by TAGT (online series and conferences)
  • TAGT can customize a partnership to extend TAGT services or membership discounts to parent members in your local group
  • Your PSG contact information will be displayed on the TAGT website.

Parent Group Membership Requirements

  • Anyone may form a parent group. The group may choose to involve one or more schools or school districts.
  • A written application with payment of $59 for the annual Parent Group Membership must be submitted to TAGT

Additional Parent Support Group Information

For more information, contact membership@txgifted.org or 512.499.8248.

*Individual benefits only apply to the key contact for the Parent Support Group and can be transferred in the event of change in leadership.